Affiliate program

Affiliate program

Will you help us grow?

We’re glad you’re interested in becoming an affiliate with us!
We are always looking for opportunities to make GO Microdose known to even more people.

Affiliate program

What we offer

Promotional material

We make all the promotional material. Including banners in desired formats.

The compensation

  • We are going to work with a PPP model. (Pay per sale)
  • Each sale earns the affiliate 20% of the net sales price.
  • Affiliate may increase the price, the fee remains the same.
  • The price can never be lower than on our own website.
  • The payment to the affiliate is made after the customer’s payment withdrawal period has expired. (Some payment methods allow the customer to request a refund for X time).
  • GO Microdose can refuse a reimbursement if there is (a suspicion of) fraud.
  • The payment to the affiliate will be made once every 1 or 3 months via credit note.
  • GO Microdose is transparent in sharing sales data with affiliate

The gamerules

  • This affiliate agreement has been entered into for a period of one year, after which it is tacitly renewed each time for the same period.
  • Both advertiser and affiliate can terminate the agreement at any time.
  • If the contract is canceled by the affiliate, no more commission will be charged from that moment on the sales generated by the affiliate. Commission that has been saved up to the cancellation will still be paid.
  • GO Microdose & affiliate indemnify each other against claims from third parties in connection with the execution of the affiliate agreement.

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