At GO Microdose we strive for a healthier & happier life with more creativity, concentration and energy. We fight depression, anxiety and panic complaints. Our company was founded by two successful entrepreneurs from Amsterdam, who, thanks to microdosing, experience more energy, think more clearly and get the most out of their lives.

About us

Experience the benefits yourself

Our venture into GO Microdose began quite unexpectedly, not with the initial intention of establishing a business, but rather as a personal quest for self-improvement and wellbeing. On one hand, there was a pursuit to enhance creativity and concentration, while on the other, an endeavor to manage fear and panic. Both of us were driven by a shared desire for mental clarity and increased energy.

The profound benefits we experienced personally were transformative. This transformation sparked a professional passion: to extend these benefits to others. We realized that what we had discovered could positively impact many lives. Thus, the concept of GO Microdose was born, not just as a business, but as a platform to share and cultivate the incredible potential of microdosing with a wider audience. Our journey from personal exploration to professional commitment marks the core of what GO Microdose stands for today.


Scientific research as an important basis

Microdosing is completely safe and is on the rise worldwide.
This does not alter the fact that at GO Microdose we base all insights on scientific research.

It appears, for example, that more and more people are moving away from regular medicines and looking for alternatives. Science is collecting more and more insights and knowledge about microdosing and comparable treatment methods. This produces promising results, which we closely monitor and monitor.


Dutch producer of truffles

Since 2015, we have been working together with a Dutch producer of microdose truffles, the basis for our products. The producer shares the same vision as we do at GO Microdose. Together we want to contribute to a healthier & happier world.

After an extensive pilot phase and by listening carefully to feedback from our customers, we finally decided to cooperate structurally. This guarantees us the best control over the quality of the truffles, as the basis for our high-quality products.

The Farm

Biological and Organic Truffle Farm in the Netherlands

Our supplier in the Netherlands has an organic and organic farm. The truffles that the farm harvests go directly and completely unprocessed in the packaging. We bring supply and demand together. At GO Microdose, together with our supplier, we ensure that the products go directly from the farm to the customer.
The supplier produces millions of truffles every year, and has more than 25 years of experience. Years ago the farm grew a lot of mushrooms. For a number of years, it has only been about microdosing truffles.


Let as many people as possible experience the benefits

Together with our supplier, we have the mission to introduce as many people as possible to the benefits of microdosing. We like to do this in an accessible way, completely tailored to everyone who has little experience with this. In addition, we offer our products to people who have more experience with this and are looking for a reliable supplier.

Our supplier shares the same vision. Together we want to make microdosing known to the largest possible audience. And we strive to tell as many people as possible the real story, including all the benefits of microdosing. There is still a taboo on its use among certain target groups. That’s a shame, because using it is completely safe and natural. And because many people experience the benefits of this every day.


We like to make it easy for you

At GO Microdose, we notice that many of our customers are experiencing microdosing for the first time. We consider it an honor that they choose our products for this. We like to make it as easy as possible for customers, for example by explaining how best to use the products. Moreover, we like to think along about the right structure and a healthy schedule.

It is our goal, and that of the farm we work with, to introduce the benefits to as many people as possible. Experience optimal creativity, maximum concentration, less fear and panic and as much energy and capacity to think clearly.

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