What is the difference between truffles and magic mushrooms?

The difference between truffles and magic mushrooms is actually quite simple: truffles grow underground, while magic mushrooms grow above the ground. This affects the composition and the effects of its use.

In this article we explain the differences between magic mushrooms and truffles. Some others use the terms interchangeably, which is absolutely wrong. We list the differences (and also the similarities). From now on you know exactly what you are talking about.

How do truffles differ from magic mushrooms?

We list the differences and similarities based on the main features:


  • Sclerotia (roots) of the fungal plant (the mushroom )
  • Grow underground
  • Contains psilocybin , the psychoactive compound that contributes to psychedelic effects

The truffles grow underground, as a food reserve for the rest of the plant. Some strains contain a higher concentration of psilocybin than the magic mushrooms.

The truffles are difficult to find because they are underground. Harvesting is then relatively easy, because they contain little water (higher concentration of the active substance). Truffles often feel hard and firm or even a bit sharp.

Magic mushrooms

  • Fruits of the fungus plant (the mushroom )
  • Grow above ground
  • Contains psilocybin , the psychoactive compound that contributes to psychedelic effects

Magic mushrooms grow above the ground, so they are easy to find for harvest. The harvest itself is more complicated, because the water percentage can reach 95% (only 10% with truffles). Drying is more difficult. Magic mushrooms feel flexible and soft, and retain that structure after drying.

Truffles vs Magic Mushrooms: What's the Difference in Effect?

Both truffles and magic mushrooms can provide psychedelic effects at a recreational dose. Both the truffles and the magic mushrooms contain psilocybin , even though the concentration may differ.

That offers exactly the same possibilities, namely to take it in trip amounts or in a microdose. In theory, you can use the same microdosing from truffles and magic mushrooms.

Differences in potential: what exactly is it?

Many people expect less potency from truffles than from magic mushrooms. This has to do with the way the two are used and the way they are dried.

The truffles originally contain more psilocybin , because there is less water in them than with magic mushrooms. After drying, a large part of the volume of magic mushrooms evaporates. That means a stronger concentration remains. That way, magic mushrooms can potentially contain more than the truffles.

Both truffles and magic mushrooms are suitable for microdosing , so to use a legal amount that helps to become more creative and active. Truffles differ from magic mushrooms in the accuracy and contain a more constant amount of psilocybin , making it easier to dose.

Magic Mushrooms vs. Truffles: Are They Safe?

Both magic mushrooms and truffles are safe to use for microdosing . It is important to take a minimal amount, which prevents your body from having to process too many psychedelic compounds. By taking a fraction of the (recreational) dose you will experience the benefits for creativity, energy and perception, without the risk of side effects. It is a legal amount that you can use safely.

Both truffles and magic mushrooms contain psilocybin as an active ingredient. It is the concentration of it and the dosage that you use that determine whether you can use it safely. Experts recommend taking a maximum of 2 to 10% of the dose needed to get you high.

If you want to microdose with mushrooms or truffles, it’s a good idea to gradually build that up. Start with an (extra) low dose, to experience for yourself how your body reacts to it. If you find that you need something more to become more creative and feel more energy, you can build it up slowly.

Where can I buy truffles or magic mushrooms?

You can easily order both truffles and magic mushrooms online. That is, if you want to use them in a microdose. That is the legal dosage, which you can use to experience more energy, creativity and a sharper perception.

You can easily order the truffles online, in the dosage you would like to use. It’s the easiest way to get them and make sure you choose good quality in the right quantity.

The Best Truffles For Microdosing

It is important to use the truffles or magic mushrooms in a micro dose. You can microdose according to a predetermined schedule to let your body get used to it. We have worked out the schedules for you, for example to prevent you from surprising your body with it or that you quickly get used to it. Instead, you look for the sweet spot , based on the right dosage and concentration.

We use the best quality truffles, which are best kept refrigerated. This way you can be sure that they will remain of good quality, so that you can rely on reliable effects and results.


Do you have questions about GO Microdose or its use? You will probably find your answer in the frequently asked questions. Do you have another question? Please contact us.

Have you got questions about GO Microdose or its use?

You will probably find your answer in the frequently asked questions.

Do you have another question? Please contact us.

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