Can I microdose when I have ADHD?

Yes, some of our customers who microdose suffer from ADHD. The precise operation with ADHD has not been clinically investigated. ADHD and ADD officially do not apply as disorders. It only indicates a difference in cognition.

Microdosing affects your focus, creativity and state of mind. If you suffer from concentration problems or procrastination, this can help you well. A number of our customers with ADHD and ADD has good experiences with microdosing. It sometimes works better for them than other pharmaceutical cognitive amplifiers, such as Ritalin, Adderall and methylphenidate.

Moreover, regular drugs do not always have the desired effect. A growing group of medical experts therefore looks at the benefits of microdosing as an alternative. Of course we cannot give medical advice and no clinical evidence is available. That is why you are responsible yourself for the use of microdosing. Do you have ADHD or ADD? Then take it responsibly and, for example, talk to your doctor.