How does the beginners course work?

Most of our customers start with a beginner course. It is your introduction to microdosing.
Thanks to our explanation in the step-by-step plan you can easily start. You take a microdosing the first day. In the two days that follow you take no microdosing. Take the following microdosing on day 4 and repeat that rhythm for 4 to 8 weeks.

The routine then looks like this:
• Day 1: take a microdosing.
• Day 2: do not take a microdosing.
• Day 3: do not take a microdosing.
• Day 4: repeat, so start again at day 1.

Take notes during the course and experience how it influences your productivity, creativity and energy level. Describe the (subtle) differences that you experience from day to day. That will help you later to improve your routine with microdosing.
Note: it is normal that you experience some light effects the day after the (first) microdosing. On day three they will be disappeared.

Tip: track your experiences during the days in a diary or with an app. That will provide you with more insight into the effects and about the changes in it over time. It will help you later to find your sweet spot.