How much should I take for my first microdosing?

If you take a microdosing for the first time it is wise to begin carefully. Among other things, your weight, length, age and condition have an impact on how your body will respond to this. The Psilocybin (the truffles that we use for the microdosing) has a stronger effect if you take it on an empty stomach, just like caffeine and alcohol. So please first eat something or take a smaller microdosing if you want to start with that.

You will receive six GO Microdose strips. They account for 1 gram per piece. For some people, 1 gram is too strong to start with. That is why we recommend that you start 0.25 to 0.5 grams for the first time. That is a quarter or half of 1 dose on a strip of 6 pieces. In this way you can experience how your body responds to it. If you notice it is not strong enough for you, you can take more, even more than one gram at a time.

Tip: have you taken a little too much for your liking? No worries, nothing will happen. The (very) low dosages are not dangerous, even if you take a little more than you like. You will only notice that your focus and productivity will decrease (instead of increase).

Tip: do you doubt whether you have taken too much? As long as the microdosing helps you to be more productive and have more focus it is not too much. Start with a low dose and try to raise it a bit. You then notice for yourself when you find your sweet spot.