How should I take the microdosing?

You can easily take the microdosing that you receive from us. First you remove the microdosing dose from the package and weigh the dose you want to take. You can swallow it whole. In this way, the ingredients are gradually released throughout the day. It is  also possible to chew on it,  in this way the most substances are released but the effects will last a little less longer. Thats why we advice on not chewing it to have the best microdosing experience.

Tip: are you more sensitive to dry flavors or does it just don’t feel good to chew it? You can also choose to drink the microdosing. Make tea or mix it through your fruit or vegetable smoothie.

Tip: do not take the microdosing on an empty stomach. Instead, make sure you have eaten something, just like you do with caffeine and alcohol.