What are magic truffles?

The official name of a truffle is ‘sclerotium’. The plural thereof is ‘sclerotia’. This is a thickening of the mycelium, which as a body saves the food for a mushroom. That’s why it looks like a small nut. The sclerotia are part of the life cycle of a fungus, to store food. That helps the mushroom to survive in difficult circumstances, for example during a lack of water, during extreme temperatures or in cases of too much moisture.

The psilocybin truffles are also called ‘magic truffles’ because of their operation. They cause a psychedelic effect at high doses. With our microdosings you can experience a piece of the magic yourself, without the psychedelic effects. You are therefore more productive, more creative and you experience more energy. On the other hand you don’t experience the disadvantages.