What is the effect of microdosing on my brain or body?

The microdosings with psilocybin affect your state of mind, focus, creativity and, for example, your problem solving capacity. This is due to strengthening the cognitive functions, thanks to influence on the 5-HT2A receptors in the brain. These are serotonine receptors. This increases the glutamate cell activity in the frontal cortex, allowing your brain to appeal to your memory faster. As a result, you can come up with solutions faster for situations or challenges you experience.

In addition, psilocybin has the ability to reset the control systems of the cognition in the brain. Various studies have shown that psilocybin has effect on the default mode network (DMN). This system is active when the brain is at rest. In the event of increased activity you can experience introspection, daydreaming and spontaneous thought dreams. Moreover, the system plays a role in depression. The DMN is also associated with individual differences in intelligence and efficiency.

The psilocybene can reset your DMN and make you more creative and give you more spiritual insights. Microdosing dampens the DMN. As a result, you unlock more creativity.