Who use psilocybin truffles?

The product we sell is the Sclerotia (underground substrate) from the Psilocybe Mexicana.

But to answer you question, our customers are very diverse. It is about talented people who would like to get everything out of their possibilities and others who want to sleep better.

This year Netflix launched a documentary with the title ‘Have a Good Trip’. Creative geniuses such as ASAP Rocky, Sting and Anthony Bourdain are known for their use. They experienced recreational, medicinal and mind-blowing effects. The use is also of all times. The reasons for use differ greatly.
Some want to improve their productivity, creativity and energy level. Others want to change their mood or state of mind and still others want to develop themselves at work or private life. Do you try to perform on the highest level every day? If you are looking for products that can help you it might be a good idea to try microdosing.

Moreover, the use goes back to 9000 BC. From that time, cave paintings from the Sahara have already been found in North Africa. There you can see how people use magic truffles. Moreover, among other things, the Maya and the Aztecs have always used them. They improved their relationship with nature and could communicate with their gods. In a West Mexican shaft even evidence of 1800 years of age has been found that people then used exactly the same microdosings if you can order from us.