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For advanced users

Our advanced course is especially suitable for anyone who has a lot of experience with microdosing. You know how your body reacts to microdoses of truffles. You want to perform optimally thanks to improved productivity, creativity and more energy.

Our truffles stay fresh for about 2-3 months when you keep them in the fridge. This is why we send you fresh truffles every 3 months. For a 6 month course this means you will receive 2 shipments from us and with a 12 month course this will be 4 times.

Advanced course

Let's get started

The ideal step-by-step plan

day 01

Start microdosing

Take your first microdosing at 10:00 AM in the morning for a productive day. Or take the microdose in the evening before going to bed, to ensure a good night’s sleep. Download our “how to use & dose” guide to help you find your ideal dose.

Day 02 t/m 04

Microdosing days

On the second to fourth day, take your dose of truffles every day. Always keep to the same time as the day before. That ensures the microdoses with fresh truffles will be distributed well over the different days.

Day 05 t/m 07

Days off

Then follow the normal days, the non-microdosing days. You do not take a microdosing for three days to prevent tolerance from occurring. You prevent your body from getting used to it. During these days, write down what you feel, experience and observe.


Start over

At this day you start your cycle with day 1 again.

Download our step-by-step plan
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