To experience

Your first microdosing

Our beginners course is well suited to experience the benefits of microdosing. You choose a 3-day cycle that you use for 4 to 8 weeks. Try it for at least a month to see for yourself whether it provides you the benefits you are looking for.

Our truffles stay fresh for about 2-3 months when you keep them in the fridge. This is why we send you fresh truffles every 3 months. For a 6 month course this means you will receive 2 shipments from us and with a 12 month course this will be 4 times.

Beginners course

Let's get started

The ideal step-by-step plan

day 01

Start microdosing

Start with the lightest dose at 10:00 AM in the morning. It is your first experience, which you can later make stronger as you wish. Preferably start on a day off. Avoid obligations and go for a nice walk in nature, for example. As long as you have not yet found your sweet spot, it is better not to drive or operate vehicles or other equipment. See our information page for our “how to use & dose” guide, this will help you find your ideal dose.

day 02

Let the effects run out

This is your transition day. You are not taking a microdose. This day is very important, because the microdosing from day 1 continues to work in your brain for up to two days. Write down the subtle differences you experience today. Feel, experience and observe. And then listen to your mind again.

day 03


What follows is the ‘normal day’, again a non-microdosing day. By not taking microdosing again, you prevent tolerance from occurring. You prevent your body from getting used to it. It also helps you to experience the subtle difference with the other two days. Record again what you feel, experience and observe.


Start over

At this day you start your cycle with day 1 again.

Download our step-by-step plan
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