Growkit essentials - Premium

  • Reliable heat mat for optimal temperature control.
  • 3 bags of silica pearls to maintain the perfect humidity level.
  • Premium 750ml vacuum container for optimal storing.
  • Suitable for both beginners and seasoned growers.
  • Designed to maximize your growkit's yield and health.
  • User-friendly components for hassle-free cultivation.
  • Premium materials for durability and effectiveness.
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Embark on an enriching journey of growth and discovery with our “Growkit Essentials – Premium” – the ultimate companion to your mushroom cultivation endeavors. Meticulously designed for both novice and experienced growers, this kit ensures an optimal growing environment for your prized mushrooms.

At the heart of this kit lies our efficient heat mat, expertly engineered to provide a consistent and gentle warmth, crucial for stimulating mushroom growth. This precise temperature control is key to unlocking the full potential of your growkit, ensuring a bountiful and healthy harvest.

Accompanying the heat mat are three bags of premium silica pearls. These pearls are a game-changer, adept at maintaining ideal moisture levels and ensuring a dry, controllable environment. They combat unwanted humidity, safeguarding your mushrooms from potential contaminants and promoting a more successful cultivation process.

Completing the kit is our 750ml premium stainless steel container. This is not just any container, but a specially designed vacuum container equipped with a one-way exhaust valve. It creates an ideal micro-environment for storing your harvested mushrooms, preserving their freshness and potency. The airtight seal maintains the perfect balance of humidity and temperature, vital for preserving the quality of your mushrooms.

Together, these components form the “Growkit Essentials – Premium” – a harmonious blend of utility and convenience, crafted to enhance your growing experience and maximize the yield of your growkit.


Specifications heatmat:

Type Infrared Mushroom Heat Mat
Size 15cm x 28cm
Voltage 220-240V
Frequency 50hz
Power 7W
Temperature Output 24°C
Plug Type European Standard
Safety Instructions Do not bend/cut/pierce/staple, do not immerse in liquid


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