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Microdosing course

You know the benefits of microdosing, so you consistently want to be more productive, creative and energetic. With this course you choose a 4-day cycle that you use for 4 to 8 weeks. Try the course for at least a month to see if it suits you well.

Our truffles stay fresh for about 2-3 months when you keep them in the fridge. This is why we send you fresh truffles every 3 months. For a 6 month curse this means you will receive 2 shipments from us and with a 12 month course this will be 4 times.

Experienced course

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The ideal step-by-step plan

day 01

Start microdosing

Take your first dose at 10:00 AM for a productive day. To help you find your ideal dose we created a guide to help you: “how to use & dose”. You can find it in our information section. Tip: do you prefer a better night’s sleep instead? Then take the dose in the evening before going to bed.

day 02

Another microdosing day

Today you also take your dose of fresh truffles for a new microdosing. Preferably do this at the same time as the first day. That way you ensure an even dose over both days.

day 03

Transition day

Today you do not take microdosing. This day is meant to experience the subtle after-effects of two days of microdosing. Record your experiences and observations in a logbook or in an app. In this way, make changes transparent.

day 04

Take a day off

Then the normal day follows, again a non-microdosing day. By not taking microdosing again, you prevent tolerance from occurring. You prevent your body from getting used to it. Record again what you feel, experience and observe.


Start over

At this day you start your cycle with day 1 again.

Download our step-by-step plan
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