Airtight storage containers

  • Various sizes (60ml-650ml) for tailored storage
  • Odor-proof plastic guards freshness
  • Black design for discretion and light protection
  • Perfect for curing and humidity management
  • Long-lasting and reusable
  • Washable for easy upkeep
  • Stackable for space efficiency
Prices range from €5.49 to €8.99.
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Elevate your storage solutions with our line of airtight plastic containers, meticulously designed to safeguard the freshness and essence of your truffles, mushrooms, and other sensitive items. These robust, odor-proof containers come in a variety of sizes from a compact 60ml to a generous 650ml, catering to both minimal and extensive storage needs.

The sleek black, opaque construction not only provides a discreet enclosure but also blocks out harmful light, preserving the quality and vitality of your goods. Ideal for meticulous curing and precise humidity control, these containers are indispensable for connoisseurs and casual users alike. Their durable build promises longevity, while the tight-sealing lids ensure a secure, leak-proof experience. Maintenance is a breeze—just a quick wash and they’re ready for reuse. Organize and store with confidence, knowing that your items are enclosed in a fortress of freshness.

Size Diameter Height Price
60ml 4.3cm 7.3cm €5.49
120ml 6cm 7.4cm €6.49
300ml 7.5cm 9.5cm €7.49
550ml 7.7cm 15cm €8.49
650ml 8.5cm 14cm €8.99


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