Silica gel packet

  • Rapidly absorbs moisture
  • Guards against humidity
  • Small-sized packets easily fit into any storage container
  • Can be dried out and reused
  • Ideal for preserving a wide range of products beyond botanicals
  • By controlling humidity, it inhibits the growth of mold
  • The beads change color, providing a indication when it's time to replace the packet
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Silica gel, the unsung hero of humidity control, is now available in a compact 5-gram packet, perfectly sized to accompany your mushroom and truffle storage. These tiny powerhouses are engineered to lock in freshness by wicking away unwanted moisture that can compromise the integrity of your botanical treasures. Measuring a mere 58 x 47 x 3 mm, these re-usable packets are the guardians of potency, ensuring that every experience with your home-grown produce is as intended by nature.

With the advanced herbalist and grower in mind, we understand the importance of maintaining the perfect dry environment for your precious harvest. Our silica gel packets are the armor against the common enemies of mold and decay, presenting a simple yet effective solution to extend the shelf life of your products. Whether you’re storing your bounty for personal use or sharing with connoisseurs of fine herbs, the integrity of your goods remains uncompromised.

In the realm of dry goods storage, our silica gel packets emerge as an essential ally. Incorporate them into your storage protocol and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your botanicals are preserved in their prime state, ready for when the moment calls.



Number of items in package 1 piece(s)
Dimensions 58 x 47 x 3 mm
Weight 5 grams
Material High-quality silica gel beads
Reusability Yes, by drying out after use
Fragile No
Moisture absorption High
Application Dry storage needs


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