Precision scale

  • 0 to 500 grams with an accuracy of 0.01 grams
  • blue backlit 6 digit display
  • reading in gram, oz, tl or ct
  • automatically switches off after 30 seconds
  • tara and count function.
  • dimensions:length 11.5cm (W) 6cm (D) 1.8cm
  • works on 2 X AAA batteries (included)
  • English manual.
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Price:  18,99

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It is important to accurately measure the right amount of truffles you take when you are microdosing.
You will experience the optimal benefits of microdosing if you use just the right amount of truffles. All our customers are unique, and everyone has a different ‘sweet spot’. Some experience the desired effects with 0.25 grams of truffles, while others use a full dose of 1 gram. This varies per person.

Never microdose without measuring your dose accurately. When weighing the micro-dosage, only use a scale that can measure with an accuracy of 0.01 grams.Our scale is recommended for both beginner and advanced microdosers.

We advise not to microdose every day. You will then not be able to monitor how your basic behavior such as your productivity, creativity and mood is affected. Another disadvantage of microdosing every day is habituation. If you do it daily, your body and mind will likely become accustomed to the substance and become more of a habit (like coffee or nicotine for many people). We also recommend stopping for at least a month after 8 to 10 weeks, to prevent psychological habituation.

Discover your ideal intake with our user-friendly dosage calculator, custom-tailored to ensure your optimal experience.



On-off switch Yes
Number of items in package 1 piece(s)
Number of batteries/batteries included 2
Additional Features none
Battery/battery code AAA
Fragile Yes
CE marking Visible
Weight 125g
MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) 0
Material weighing platform Metal
Maximum weighing capacity 500g
With tare function Yes
Metric or Imperial standard Metric
Packing width 76mm
Packing height 28mm


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    Country : Germany

    Great device, I was windering though what is the tolerance of the scale?

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