How long can I store the truffles?

In the sealed packaging you can store the fresh truffles up to 2 months in the fridge. Once you open the packaging you can keep it fresh up to 2 weeks, if you keep them dry and cold.

How does the advanced course work?

During the advanced cure you will have a microdosing for four days and then not for three days.
You take the microdosing on day 1, day 2, day 3 and day 4. You take a break on day 5, day 6 and day 7. Then you start a new series, so you use the microdosing again for four days.

This leads to the following schedule for the advanced course:
• Day 1: take a microdosing.
• Day 2: take a microdosing.
• Day 3: take a microdosing.
• Day 4: take a microdosing.
• Day 5: do not take a microdosing.
• Day 6: do not take a microdosing.
• Day 7: do not take a microdosing.
• Day 8: repeat, so start again at day 1.

Just like with the other courses, it is wise to keep track of your experiences in a diary or in an app. Describe your experiences and subtle differences that you notice.

How do I start microdosing?

It is wise to start microdosing carefully. In this way you provide your body the opportunity to get used to it. Moreover, you can experience the effects yourself. It helps you to find your sweet spot, where you experience the most productivity, creativity and energy.

Track your experiences in a diary or in an app if you use the microdosing. For example, write about your findings, experiences and feelings. Moreover, write down how productive you are, what mood you experience and in what state of mind you are. You will record the benefits and disadvantages for yourself. That ultimately helps you to find the ideal microdosition, from which you experience the most benefits.

Tip: make sure you are well rested if you start microdosing. That will guarantee the most neutral test to see if it works for you.

How does the beginners course work?

Most of our customers start with a beginner course. It is your introduction to microdosing.
Thanks to our explanation in the step-by-step plan you can easily start. You take a microdosing the first day. In the two days that follow you take no microdosing. Take the following microdosing on day 4 and repeat that rhythm for 4 to 8 weeks.

The routine then looks like this:
• Day 1: take a microdosing.
• Day 2: do not take a microdosing.
• Day 3: do not take a microdosing.
• Day 4: repeat, so start again at day 1.

Take notes during the course and experience how it influences your productivity, creativity and energy level. Describe the (subtle) differences that you experience from day to day. That will help you later to improve your routine with microdosing.
Note: it is normal that you experience some light effects the day after the (first) microdosing. On day three they will be disappeared.

Tip: track your experiences during the days in a diary or with an app. That will provide you with more insight into the effects and about the changes in it over time. It will help you later to find your sweet spot.

How much should I take for my first microdosing?

If you take a microdosing for the first time it is wise to begin carefully. Among other things, your weight, length, age and condition have an impact on how your body will respond to this. The Psilocybin (the truffles that we use for the microdosing) has a stronger effect if you take it on an empty stomach, just like caffeine and alcohol. So please first eat something or take a smaller microdosing if you want to start with that.

You will receive six GO Microdose strips. They account for 1 gram per piece. For some people, 1 gram is too strong to start with. That is why we recommend that you start 0.25 to 0.5 grams for the first time. That is a quarter or half of 1 dose on a strip of 6 pieces. In this way you can experience how your body responds to it. If you notice it is not strong enough for you, you can take more, even more than one gram at a time.

Tip: have you taken a little too much for your liking? No worries, nothing will happen. The (very) low dosages are not dangerous, even if you take a little more than you like. You will only notice that your focus and productivity will decrease (instead of increase).

Tip: do you doubt whether you have taken too much? As long as the microdosing helps you to be more productive and have more focus it is not too much. Start with a low dose and try to raise it a bit. You then notice for yourself when you find your sweet spot.

How should I take the microdosing?

You can easily take the microdosing that you receive from us. First you remove the microdosing dose from the package and weigh the dose you want to take. You can swallow it whole. In this way, the ingredients are gradually released throughout the day. It is  also possible to chew on it,  in this way the most substances are released but the effects will last a little less longer. Thats why we advice on not chewing it to have the best microdosing experience.

Tip: are you more sensitive to dry flavors or does it just don’t feel good to chew it? You can also choose to drink the microdosing. Make tea or mix it through your fruit or vegetable smoothie.

Tip: do not take the microdosing on an empty stomach. Instead, make sure you have eaten something, just like you do with caffeine and alcohol.